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Happy New Year

George Orwell
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We wish all legitimate users of remailers a Happy New Year. The abusers of remailers we wish a long, long time in prison.

We are a group of remops having founded an association to stop remailer abuse by activities violating law.

We have built a network of sufficient remailers being able to trace / track emails sent through remailers from exit point back to entry point.

We have established sophisticated content filters on the exit remailers to discover content violating law.
If such content is discovered the remailer chain through which the email went will be traced back to the entry point to identify the identity of the origin sender.
This is always successful when the whole chain consists of remailers belonging to our association.

Then the identity of the origin sender who was abusing the remailer network for law violating activities together with the email is sent to the CIA, NSA and FBI plus to the local law enforcement authorities of the sender/abuser.

We have meanwhile a sufficient number of remailers working together, so that we are able to cover already more than 70 % of all remailer traffic.
We are working on further refinements to increase the % of coverage under our control (for example taking control over other remailers with help of rootkits)
We are sure that the current level of abuse of remailer network for activities violating law will further decrease.

There will be zero tolerance with remailer abuse and we will bring all abuse by law violating activities to the attention of the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

We fully support data privacy and fredom of speech by using remailers for legal and legitimate activities but we will do everything possible to stop further abuse by activities violating law. The last weeks we have reported more than thousend abusers to LEAs for further prosecution.


Remailer Anti Abuse Association (R-A-A-A) - Big Brother is watching the remailer abusers.

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