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New releases: School For Scoundrels, Open Season & Fox Two packs: Updated complete downloadable R1 DVD DB & info lists

Doug MacLean
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Announced by A.D. Vision.
January 9th:
Best Student Council #1: New Home & New Friends
Hello Kitty's Animation Theater #1 - 4: Collection (ThinPak)
Michel #5: The Golden Feather & The Time Machine
UFO Valkyrie 2 #2: Songs From The Dark Side
Yumeria #1 - 3: Complete Collection

January 16th:
Area 88 (TV) #5: Anime Meets Top Gun
Coyote Ragtime Show #1: Fox Trot
Utawarerumono #1: Masks Of A Stranger

January 23rd:
Comic Party Revolution TV #3: The Party's Over

January 30th:
Moeyo Ken (TV) #1: Shinsengumi On The Prowl

Elvis: The Mini-Series will be released by Anchor Bay on January 2nd. List
price will be $19.98.

On March 6th BBC Home Video has something for Doctor Who fans.
Doctor Who: Invasion
Doctor Who: The Sontaran Experiment

BFS Entertainment has announced the following.
February 13th:
Man Who Sued God
My Mother's Courage

March 13th:
American Cousins
Gentlemen's Relish

April 10th:
Station Jim
Way Of Life

May 8th:
From Other Worlds
Graveyard Alive

Golden Girls: The Complete 7th Season will be released on February 13th by
Buena Vista listing for $39.98.

Columbia/Tri-Star will release Open Season in both P&S and widescreen
formats on January 30th. List price will be $28.98.

On February 5th Fox has some two film packs for release. Each set will list
for $10.98.
Alien Nation (198 / Enemy Mine (2-Pack)
All The Right Moves / Great Expectations (2-Pack)
Anywhere But Here (Widescreen/ Pan & Scan) / Stealing Beauty (2-Pack)
Chain Reaction (1996) / Vanishing (1993) (2-Pack)
Class Action / Man Trouble (2-Pack)
Cocoon (Special Edition) / Cocoon II: The Return (2-Pack)
Edge / Tigerland (Special Edition) (2-Pack)
French Kiss / She's The One (Special Edition) (2-Pack)
Nine Months / Truth About Cats & Dogs (2-Pack)
Norma Rae / Working Girl (2-Pack)
Planet Of The Apes (2001/ 1-Disc Special Edition) / Quest For Fire (Special
Edition) (2-Pack)
Rising Sun / Sugar Hill (2-Pack)
Runaway Jury (Special Edition/ Widescreen) / Class Action (2-Pack)
Rusty: The Great Rescue / Far From Home: The Adventures Of Yellow Dog
Say It Isn't So (Special Edition) / Stuck On You (2-Pack)
She's The One (Special Edition) / Simply Irresistible (2-Pack)
Sleeping With The Enemy / Dying Young (2-Pack)
Towering Inferno / Volcano (2-Pack)
Vanishing (1993) / Black Widow (1987) (2-Pack)
Welcome To Mooseport(Widescreen/ w/ Spanish & French Soundtracks) / Joe
Somebody (Special Edition) (2-Pack)

Also from Fox Walk the Line will be released in both P&S and widescreen
formats. Included will be a DTS soundtrack and a list price of $19.98. the
street date will be January 16th.

Set for release by Lion's Gate on February 6th.
Alfred Hitchcock (Lions Gate/ 3-Disc Collector's Edition): The Manxman /
Rich And Strange / The Skin Game / Murder! / The Ring
Amazing Screw-On Head
Last Unicorn (25th Anniversary Edition)
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: A Froggy Day In Sunny Patch
Raven (2006)

Add to their release list by Paramount.
February 13th:
The Hills: The Complete 1st Season

February 27th:
Girlfriends: The Complete 1st Season

March 6th:
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch: The Complete 1st Season
South Park: The Complete 9th Season

Coming up from Universal:
January 9th:
Danielle Steel Collection (2-Disc)
Danielle Steel Collection (2-Disc): Palomino / Secrets / Star / The Promise

January 30th:
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: The 3rd Year
Murder, She Wrote: The Complete 5th Season

February 6th:
All Quiet On The Western Front (1930)
Arabian Nights (1942)
Disaster! (Conservative Cover)
Disaster! (Conservative Cover/ w/ Unrated Shorts)
Disaster! (w/ Unrated Shorts)
Going My Way

February 26th:
Planet Brooklyn

Warner Brothers has made several new annoucements.
December 12th:
Doc Hollywood / Mr. Wonderful / Michael
Last Boy Scout / Dead-Bang / Action Jackson
NFL Greatest Follies: 1997 - 2000
NFL Greatest Follies: The Classics
Shaft (1971/ Special Edition) / Shaft's Big Score! / Shaft In Africa

March 6th:
Billy Budd (Warner Brothers)
Captain Horatio Hornblower
Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: Complete Season 1
Literary Classics Collection: Three Musketeers (194 / Madame Bovary (1949)
/ Billy Budd / Captain Horatio Hornblower / ...
Madame Bovary (1949)
Prisoner Of Zenda (1937) / Prisoner Of Zenda (1952)
Three Musketeers (194

March 13th:
Baby Looney Tunes, Vol. 3

Weinstein Company will release School For Scoundrels on February 13th in
both P&S and widescreen versions. List price will be $29.95.

Please note: UMD refers to Universal Media Discs, a variation used by
PSP -Playstation Portable devices.

Stop by for a complete downloadable information list of all region one DVDs
in several formats as well as daily changes. Currently the main database
contains 98,470 titles. Changes and additions this week number 494 there are
2,319 due to be released titles. Updated lists for discontinued, cancelled,
postponed and rescheduled titles as well as lists for DTS, ES/EX and
Superbit titles. UPC numbers and original release dates are included in the
fields. There is also a comprehensive list of titles that were rescheduled
or reissued. Search function for the database, (including UPC search)
complements of site partner and friend, Michael's Movie Mayhem

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One, Criminal Minds Season One, Superman Returns, Mothra vs Godzilla
&Godzilla Raids Again. Recent reviews include King King Extended Edition,
The Da Vinci Code, Quantum Leap Season 5, Forbidden Planet, The Sopranos:
Season 6.0, Beverly Hills 90210 Season One, Mission Impossible 3, Brothers
of the Head, Accepted, Quntum Leap: Season 5 and Wordplay, Harveytoon
Collection. Totally Awesome, Who Made the Potatoe Salad, Slither, Big Love
Season One, L Word: Season 3, Pizza & American DreamzUpdates to the DVD
database,including release specifications usually made twice daily.

Please stop by and visit.
Thank you.

Doug MacLean

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