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voipfone + Draytek 2600V: Keypad tone sent twice (using conferencingsystem...)

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When I dial into a phone conference, my meeting number (something like
123456#) is not recognised. The reply is something like 'the
conference 112334566 is invalid' (like if I typed some keys twice).

I do not have any issues with the voipfone voicemail, but there is only
1 digit to access the submenu...

DTMF is set to SIP INFO, and this configuration seems to work for
others. Voipfone tech support suggests to use RFC2833. This setting does
not work at all. I have tried various settings for DTMF and there are
what I can see:
- SIP INFO works on voipfone voicemail, but not on conference call kind
of systems. When I call myself, I can distinctly hear 2 tones send over
the line.
- Inbound works on conference kind of system, but not on voipfone voicemail.

I have tried this with 2 phones:
- An ASCOM DECT phone
- A traditional corded phone (no brand I can remember, might be BT).

Other people reckon they have success using SIP INFO.

I am running out of ideas.... Draytek is running its lastest and
greatest firmware. Voipfone seems to work for quite a lot of people....

Ideas Anyone?

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