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XEntrant XML Tree Editor 0.1 Evaluation Version

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TreeStages would like to announce the first evaluation release of
XEntrant XML Editor 0.1, which is available for download from our

XEntrant is an XML Tree Editor supporting browsing, editing,
iterpreting and validating of:

- XML document instances (wellformed or predefined)
- DTDs (document type definitions)
- XML Schemas
- XSL Transformations (Extensible Stylesheet Language)


Simple and easy work with nodes and subtrees only, instead of with
tags and complex structures in a text form.
There is no need to remember syntax or structure of definitions. At
any point in time while editing you can not only see definitions and
types of edited nodes but you can drag and drop individual items from
the definitions and instances into any location within the instance
document allowed by another useful feature - prevalidation.
In the case of documents with XML schemas the type definition models
in the model window are results of type inheritance hierarchy merging
from all included / imported schemas.
Improving and speeding up XML learning process.


The editing functions include various user friendly features
pertaining to individual nodes and specific to the application window

- tree as well as text based Cut/Copy/Paste, Drag-Drop, Delete, Find/
- multilevel Undo and Redo functionality
- prevalidation of every editing action (drag-drop/insert/delete) on
the fly
- clear namespace resolution, prevalidation and indication wherever
- documents can be validated for wellformedness or for defined data
- proprietary partial validation against DTDs and XML Schemas
- MSXML validation in case the user's computer contains MSXML library
- MSXML transformation functionality
- MSXML Xpath functionality
- tree comparison
- DTD content model optimization
- customization with plugins
- font and color preferences
- image hot spots
- spellcheck functionality and the possibility to create customized
- detailed help manual with descriptions of all features and

A fully functional MS Windows free evaluation version of XEntrant with
a 100-day trial period is now available for download.

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