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XML and Unicode programming doubts

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I'm writing a C++ application that does XML parsing (throug expat).
Since I want it to have from start Unicode support (so that I won't
have to think about it later), I'm facing various doubts about using
Unicode in a C/C++ program and GCC compiler. I'll list the main ones:

1) It seems that the type wchar_t supports Unicode. Is it true? If I
use this type will my application be able to use unicode with other
libraries and APIs (Gnome, Kde, Windows...)?

2) What about hard wired text? People say that functions such as strcmp
don't bother about Unicode because they only deal with byte lenghts.
Anyway I don't think strcmp(unicodeString, "harwired text") will ever
work the way I expect. So what do you think is the best way to use
string manipulation? Which are the most used open source apis?

3) I really cannot find information in man about this. What are the
relevant man pages?


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