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[RefleX] Once Upon A Tag...

Philippe Poulard
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RefleX 0.2.0 is out !
and Better Than Ever

-This new release introduces *XUnit*, a tool that helps to design
test-suites for programs that are dealing with XML datas. I'll made a
separate post to present XUnit...

-One of the most outstanding new feature is the ability to *filter SAX
streams with XPath patterns* ; you'll find in the tutorial section a
runnable example where a 15Mo file is connected to a SAX pipeline with a
rule-based filter...

-*XInclude and the XPointer framework* are also supported. You can also
XMLize raw text with a tokenizer or once again thanks to XPath patterns
(have a look at the tutorials).

-I also started to write tiny Active Tags applications related to
XML-oriented Programming : some use cases taken from W3C's "XML
Processing Model Requirements and Use Cases"
( intend to proove the
viability of the engine for various tasks.

-There are also new ideas such as using XML catalogs as a support for
resources management ; in RefleX, all the resources expected by the
engine are declared in Active Catalogs, and custom libraries can be
declared as-well easily.

-You'll still find in RefleX some means to define semantic data types
and Active Schemata, that is to say schemata that have their content
models dynamic, not static. 2 examples are available in the tutorial
section : they demonstrate that what you can't express with W3C XML
Schema nor RelaX NG can be achieved with Active Schema.

-You can meet me at *<XML 2006>* in Boston, from 5-7 December 2006,
where I will speak about RefleX and Active Tags.

Enjoy !


(. .)
| Philippe Poulard |
Have the RefleX !
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