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IOS for unsupported/obsolete router
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I have a 1720 that I need to get a IOS 12.2(20)XJ loaded on so it will
support a WIC-1ENET module. I don't want Smartnet for it (not even sure I
could still get it) since it's only used for testing and training purposes.
Does anyone know if Cisco still sells older releases of software for
refurbished / obsolete models?

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Walter Roberson
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In article <wKPhe.32821$(E-Mail Removed)> , <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
:I have a 1720 that I need to get a IOS 12.2(20)XJ loaded on so it will
:support a WIC-1ENET module.

You probably don't want that -- it's one of the versions
affected by the ssh and malicious IPv4 packet problems.

:I don't want Smartnet for it (not even sure I
:could still get it)

Looks like you can't -- last day for -new- support contracts on
the 1720 was Aug 1, 2004.
"Never install telephone wiring during a lightning storm." -- Linksys
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