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frame target mcmain

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I have a nested frameset which contains;
<FRAME SRC="mcfiles/mcintro.htm" NAME="mcmain" NORESIZE>

and in one frame is has;
<A HREF="mcfiles/sept05.txt" TARGET="mcmain">

to load a document into the other frame.

This doesn't work in IE7, it treats it as a TARGET=_top
but it works fine in Firefox 2.0 and loads the document into the right
frame as it should.

If you change the name to mcxmain then it works fine in IE7 also.

But WHYYYYYYYYY???????? Why doesn't IE7 allow mcmain? Is it a reserved
word for some reason? There is no reason intrinsic to the language as
to why it should not work and it's fine in Firefox.
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