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Suggestions for improving the quality of the design of this site ???

salami met bami
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"Peter Olcott" <(E-Mail Removed)> schreef in bericht
> "Glorywest" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)
>> Peter Olcott wrote:
>>> I have already hired a designer and want to provide him with more ideas.
>>> You
>>> indicated that the kind of advice that I was asking for can not be
>>> reasonably be
>>> provided, I have refuted this statement by providing two valid counter
>>> examples
>>> of the advice that you said could not be provided.

>> Your designer should be providing the ideas. All you should have to do
>> is communicate the goals of the site, problems you are having, who the
>> audience is, long range considerations and your budget range. The
>> designer's job is to create a website that addresses and solves the
>> problems put forth-creatively and within your budget.
>> You should review your designer's work to see if that is how they have
>> performed in the past. Your designer should also be interviewing you
>> for what you know is not working and why you think it's not working.
>> Not for suggestions about how to fix it.
>> Example: Our clients cannot find the prices and we are still getting
>> calls about pricing when all that info is on the site. We want to be
>> able to get more qualified leads from the site, but all we get are
>> shoppers, not buyers. We have not been able to get into the first 10
>> results for our keyword phrases.
>> Designer: To solve these issues I suggest we...
>> If you have to ask us, your designer is not doing his/her job. What are
>> you paying for? It sounds like you want to design instead. You may want
>> to consider another designer or perhaps just find a production person
>> so you can give all the instructions to them. It should be less
>> expensive than hiring a designer.

> I am looking for suggestions pertaining to style, not functionality. What
> are the kinds of things that can be done to a site like mine that look
> good.

Hire another designer if you don`t like the design now?
I didn`t like the small letters, they annoyed me.

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In article
<(E-Mail Removed). com>,
"mark r" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> if you're having to give him ideas then hes not a very good designer -

.... and if they know what theyre on about take their advice
> and change your online business model to suit - then you will have an
> amazing website...
> you would if you hired me anyway

Am I developing a 6th sense? I can often smell a tables-layout
from 3 miles away. Yup!

(Relax, mark r... I am not saying it isn't nice...)

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John Hosking
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Peter Olcott wrote (regarding
> I am looking for suggestions pertaining to style, not functionality. What are
> the kinds of things that can be done to a site like mine that look good.

Okay, I'll bite (my websites do, so why not?).

I'm no designer, but I would point out:

The text sizes are too small. (And specifying them in px isn't too
cool. Thank &deity; I have Firefox.) (Ooh, this just in: the text in the
middle of the Unique page is even tiiinier. Are you afraid someone might
read this stuff?)

The page requires that my browser viewport be 820 px wide. Any more than
that and I have wasted browser real estate left and right; any less and
I get a horiz. scrollbar because of the logo image (and I can't see all
the text). Fluid design would be friendlier.

The logo image is all you have to capture the visitor's imagination, and
mine, for one, got away. It doesn't do too much for me (*yawn*. Oh
sorry.). What do you mean to communicate with it?

The bodytext itself could be better formatted; it's heavy and dull, with
nothing breaking it up or inciting any interest. The closest it gets is
at the bottom with a two-item list. If this is really the exciting part
of your product, put it in a box, up higher, with maybe a slightly
different coloring or something, up *next* to the boring technical

The nav links up top look almost like register tabs, but they don't
quite go all the way, and they look cheap. Like an imitation leather
wallet you got at the dime store. See other websites for comparison.

Your links to "Home" in the nav doesn't do anything useful. Is your
index.html a pure white page? (Hint: yes.)

I have the feeling something is missing in the blue, uh, area in the
upper-right corner. Is there supposed to be text there? A linky?

Apart from all of that, I have other criticisms regarding the
construction of the site (HTML & CSS). Things like:

<font style="font-size:18px; color:black" face="arial"><b>
SeeScreen Provides Two Unique Capabilities:<br>

and the entire table-based design tell me the site should be recoded
from scratch as part of the redesign. But you didn't ask about that, I
think, so I'll just hope I've helped a little with my paltry suggestions
concerning the look. Good luck.

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Jim Douglas
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Move the tabs closer to each other so they look like tabs.....
Top right of screen is missing something...............,
Since you have a software product how about some screen shots.....
How about some customer comments, if you have any, if not give the
product to a few potential customers so you can get their feedback.......
SeeScreen logo text in upper left possible larger, next to impossible to
read the "tag line".........
Boost your business section smaller so you can get to the meat below it

Believe me there are sites much worse than this one. Check out other
sites and get ideas of what you like, colors, design patterns, etc.
Remember the saying "Opinions are like $33holes, everyone has one"

Good luck with your business.

Peter Olcott wrote:
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Peter Olcott wrote:
> I am looking for suggestions pertaining to style, not functionality. What are
> the kinds of things that can be done to a site like mine that look good.

Anything is possible. What do you think it should look like? Sorry to
sound like a shrink.

Before I start work with a client I assign homework for them. I have
them prepare a set of adjectives to describe their business or what
they would like the site to convey, i.e. Hi Tech, conservative, cool,
friendly, superior, welcoming. Doesn't matter what the words are, just
that they pertain to their site, mission or product. At least 5-10
words. Then I ask them to show me 3-4 websites that appeal to them.
Doesn't matter what the subject is, I just want to know what they like.
I also ask that they be able to tell me why they like the sites. Style,
color, content, pizazz. Then if it seems they really have no idea what
they like (as you do right now) I ask that they cruise some template
sites and then email me the numbers so I can get a feel for what they

It's your site and your company. It has to have a sense of you. At
least that's how I approach it. And many times it's very hard for
clients to communicate what they want or why. By going through these
steps together it give us a way to talk about what is appealing.

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