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it's me, wendy. please visit our new free family site/blog at FAMSTER.COM everybody :) :) :) :)

wendy madison
Posts: n/a

hi guys. is this new community similar
to myspace, but family oriented. i just started
making our site, but i want you guys to check it
out. go here:

email me or reply to this message with your comments.
it's cool cause the avatars i made even look like us.
i'm kind of new to this, so i don't really know what
to put on my site. please send me some ideas

i'm planning to add more family photo's and some of
our favorite songs soon. there's a lot of cool stuff
to do. you get a email address and like 1 gigabyte
of storage space. you can even look up registered
sex-offenders near your house. there's like 12 of
them within a mile of my house. that was surprizing :/

anyways, my email address is Removed)
i hope to hear from you soon.............

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