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NewBee help with HashMaps
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Ok - I am really stuck on this. I have managed to create a Hashmap
that holds student names and will hold scores of coursework, and it
will finally give them a grade.

I now have to:

* Asks the user to enter the marks for all the students for the given
* It should check that the tma number provided as the argument is
* but it can assume that the marks entered by the user are valid.

I am getting no where - error messages all the time. Can anybody
point me in the right direction.
Firstly my two classes are Student and TutorGroup. When I create a
new TutorGroup (using blueJ) - I can see attribute - students. click
on students - it shows key (students name) - type -
click on the student and I can see their respective details :
attribute (name) with its value"Billy"(type string) and attribute
(tma) with is value 0(int).

How do I use this line:

public void enterMarksForTMA(int tma)

to complete the above.

I have received no end of error messages. I have tried a keySet but
have only managed to get it to display Name[0,0]X instead of just
their name.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Oliver Wong
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<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)
> I am getting no where - error messages all the time. Can anybody
> point me in the right direction.

Might be easier if you actually state the error message you are

- Oliver

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