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Castor Constantly Instantiating SAXParsers

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I'm analyzing the memory churn of my application's individual
transactions and one of the heavy consumers turns out to be Castor
because it instantiates a new SAXParser each time it processes data.
A colleague of mine says that while I am using version 0.9.6, it has
not been resolved in any of the later versions.

I have taken the source from 0.9.6 and injected a caching mechanism
that should clear up the problem, but now I am struggling with major/
minor version issues when trying to compile, build and run my
application. I'll get it to work soon enough.

Anyway, I wanted to ping this community to see if anyone has
encountered this before. I am also obviously going to look over bug
reports in the Castor project to see if this is going to be addressed
officially anytime soon.

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