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Handling Response in Axis2
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Hi all . I used Axis2 to convert my wsdl to java . I used the
following sample pgm which actually uses the generated java files to
invoke a method frm a webservice.

sample pgm:

ALogin AL = ALogin.Factory.newInstance();
onnectionServiceStub stub = new
ServiceClient sc = stub._getServiceClient();

LoginDocument.Login LR =
LR.setALogin( AL);
LoginDocument requestDoc =
//call the method
ResponseDocument response
System.out.println(response.getResponse()); // Working

System.out.println(response.getResponse().getALogi n()); // Not

Response contains:
<m:Response xmlns:m=""><ALogin
id="10532" mask="-1"/></m:Response>

When i use response.getResponse() o/p is
<xml-fragment xmlns:m="" xmlns:SOAP-
<AesBusinessSession id="10532" mask="-1"/>

But when i use response.getResponse().getALogin(); o/p is null

i can able to access thro
response.getBody().getFirstElement().getFirstOMChi ld(); but how to
get thro getALogin(); Any typecast i need to do?

Can anyone help .

Thanks in advance.

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