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a problem

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In article <(E-Mail Removed) .com>, "Giles"
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>On Feb 13, 5:06 am, (E-Mail Removed) (nukleus) wrote:
>> In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, Lew
>> <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> >Faton Berisha wrote:
>> >>>> First of all, you should really solve your own homework;
>> >>>> this is it's purpose.

>> >"Andrew Thompson" wrote:
>> >>> Why should the OP do that?
>> >>> When they can instead..
>> >>> - get people like you to do it.
>> >>> - get a job at your firm and steal your code.
>> >>> - get a job as your boss.

>> >Faton Berisha wrote:
>> >> I am afraid I (respectfully) disagree.

>> >With which statement are you disagreeing? That people who don't do their=

> own
>> >homework are likely to continue to rely on others' efforts throughout th=

>> >careers? That such people are dishonest? That coddling them tends to ena=

>> >their behavior? That one might have the experience of working with such a
>> >person by enabling such behavior? That that experience would be unpleasa=

>> >That it would be poetic justice? That you were enabling such behavior? T=

>> >you were culpable for doing so?

>> >These assertions were gleaned from Andrew's compact message. I may have =

>> >a few. All are arguable and debatable.

>> >FWIW, probably less than .2 =E2=82=AC, I'd agree that homework laziness =

>is bad. You
>> >might have been enabling, but I don't know. You are not culpable if you =

>> >You obviously thought about what you were doing and I respect that.

>> >For the OP and others with "homework-sounding" questions, the oft-repeat=

>> >advice for Usenet participation is "Make an effort!", and describe that =

>> >in the request for feedback. Show or tell the specific approach and deta=

>> >difficulties.

>> >Too many times people pose academic-style questions with demands for who=

>> >solutions in terse, haughty-sounding messages - no mention of prior effo=

>rt or
>> >specific problems. Too many times, these people react in aggrieved tones=

> to
>> >the "do your own [home]work" response chorus, rather than shifting to mo=

>> >appropriate modes. Just take the heat in good nature and provide details=

>; all
>> >will instantly be forgiven and the larks will sing.

>> >So many, like Faton, are so eager to help; it behooves seekers to show r=

>> >for that voluntary commitment.

>> So, what is YOUR problem, sire,
>> if someone is willing to help others
>> for whatever reason he thinks?
>> You see, it is YOUR rigid mind
>> that has ALL sorts of prejudices,
>> thinking that the entire planet Earth
>> is to turn around its axis
>> according to HIS command.
>> What does this model remind you,
>> oh wisest one of all the wisest?
>> >- Lew

>Your mother's diseased ****?

Oh, this dong beatle again?

Digging up zome old shite
from someone elses ass?

Did you get the magnifying glass, suxy?

You forgot to post the headers, dummy.
Especially this part:
X-Complaints-To: Removed)


What da funk is yerr royal problem, suckazoid?

There isn't enough of top grade reading
to crack that empty scull of yours?

You need to dig deeper, yerr royal suckiness.

The best **** is hidden deep inside
the dead rat's arse, you know...

May be you should get yerself a brand new microscope?
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