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Strange runtime error: AbstractMethodError

Mike Schilling
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"Mike Schilling" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:2Qsyh.74355$(E-Mail Removed). net...

> Which is true, I suppose. Commenting out the annotation, it all compiles
> correctly and runs successfully as well (still using jdk1.5.0_05) . Since
> javap shows that the overload being called is Root.someMethod)LRoot;,
> there must be some logic in the JVM to realize that someMethod)LLeaf; is
> "close enough".

Actually, I'm wrong here. javap on Leaf shows that it contains both
someMethod)LRoot and someMethod)LLeaf, where someMethod)LRoot is
automatically generated as if you'd coded

public Root someMethod()
return someMethod(); // someMethod)LLeaf

This is javac's usual trick for implementing covariant return types.

So, more likely than a JVM bug is that Eclipse's compiler isn't generating
this extra method.

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Oliver Wong wrote:
> So it sounds like this is a bug in Eclipse's compiler. I did a
> disassembly of both the javac classes and the eclipsec classes, and all the
> files are identical except for Leaf.class.

> The main difference being the lack of "public Root someMethod();" within
> Eclipse's version.
> I filed this as a bug with Eclipse:

That explains why I only saw behavior in keeping with the JLS. I used Netbeans
and command-line javac. (JDK 6)

- Lew
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