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what does EJBGen do in Weblogic

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hi read the following in a tutorial but could not understand it . here
is the content below..

================================================== ================


One of the unanimous complaints we hear from users about J2EE is the
difficulty of dealing with XML deployment descriptors. While you can
use sophisticated XML editors that will make sure your documents are
valid, this method is often not sufficient with J2EE for two reasons:

* The DTDs for the J2EE descriptors are not rich enough to
describe all the allowed types and values (this will change with J2EE
1.4, which mandates the usage of schemas)
* Even though your XML files might be valid individually, they
still need to be consistent with each other

As a result, BEA started developing a tool called EJBGen that was
shipped with WebLogic Server 7.

The idea behind EJBGen comes from the observation that a lot of the
information contained in the deployment descriptors is actually tied
to elements in your Java source. What could be done to make it easy
for developers to specify this information in the Java source, and
then generate the XML descriptors based on these values? EJBGen is
BEA's answer to this question.

With WebLogic Workshop 8.1, we are now shipping with a new component
in the EJBGen development model: an EJBGen Workshop extension. This
article outlines the main features of this extension.

================================================== =======

Not able to understand what does EJBGen does ?

does it creates stubs which a client can use ?

whats the role it does ?

it seems it generates something ...right ? because its
"EJBGen" ...there is a "Gen" in it ....what it generates ?

what input it takes and what output it produces ? can you please
tell me one example to illustrate it ?

is it a compiler like javac in java ?

please clarify the doubt . this is a bit fishy .

Thank you

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