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Jarsigner newbie question

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We're using Oracle Jinitiator to load forms/reports.

One of the jars that gets loaded has to be signed to the server. We
have three servers. So each one gets signed individually.

The problem we have is that we're using DNS to round-robin to each
server but it fails when loading the signed jar.

What's the easiest way around this?

Many thanks,


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Andrew Thompson
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Ed_Zep wrote:
> We're using Oracle Jinitiator to load forms/reports.

Funny, so are two guys on other groups. Experiencing
exactly the same problems you are, no less!

Oh wait, that's you!

Please cross-post, rather than multi-post,
in future.

(X-post to c.l.j.p./h./sec., w/ f-u to c.l.j.h. only)

Andrew T.

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