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timeout problem with statefull session bean

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Recently I am thining of migrating current system to j2ee.

I am developing the system similar to domcument managing system.
With the current fat java client, application works like this.

1. login to the server
2. search on metadata server
3. download a particular document

note: once you logged in, the session will be kept alive until user logged
out or
connection to the server is cut somehow.

So i am thining to make two statefull session beans; searchmanagerbean,
however, problems I found is that you can set timeout for the satefull
session bean. What if you set the length
of timeout to be 30 seconds and you search with searchmanaberbean and use
to download the documents but took more than 40 seconds? The searchmanager
is lost in timeout?
(because I used searchmanagerbean first but didn't use the session bean when
I am downloading the document which took more
than 30 second ).

If so I want find out if there is a way to keep this statefull ejb alive as
long as the client is logged in but
becomes passivate when client is logged out or cut from the server
connection.( currently we use the rmi unrefernce()
however, unrefence is not an option with EJB.)

Thanks in advance.

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