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WebService with dynamic body content? (Axis2 or ??)
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Hello all,

A little background to start:
I currently have a an XML over HTTP service that maps XML data to
corresponding mainframe fields, runs the transaction, returns the
result via reverse mapping to XML. This translation process is driven
by database tables which I also use to generate schemas for the
individual requests. We felt that making this translation dynamic
allowed us to make changes on the back end without having to redeploy
code at middle tier layers. (Same transaction may have slightly
different content (less/more) depending on the version of the
transaction being run (from what server).

Now I would like to wrap this process with SOAP, but I am having some
difficulty determining the best method for doing this.

The goal is to be able to generate dynamic WSDL that contains the
content for the specific underlying transaction.

I could simply wrap a call to our translation engine in AXIS2, and have
a field that contains the internal message itself, but you loose much
of the benefit behind this process.

Any thoughts, ideas, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

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