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Packet Engines PowerRail 1000

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A blast from the past to be sure...

Does anyone know what the default login ID and password is for these
switches? I have aquired one and have console access...

************************************************** **********

Packet Engines PowerRail 1000

Version 2.0.0r22 - 2 Feb, 1999

Copyright(c) 1997-1998 Packet Engines, Inc.
Spokane, Washington, USA
All rights reserved.
System MAC Address: 00xxxxx

************************************************** **********
Current Time: Apr 25, 2005 14:02

Was able to boot with no config by powering up and typing any key...

# Date Time Vers Size Name
1 2003-02-07 09:03:27 2.0.0r22 3027 startup.config

Select a configuration file by number,
or enter "0" for none,
or ESC to return to the previous menu: 0

Enter one of the following options:

'C' to select the EMM configuration file [*none*]
'D' to start Xmodem download [-]
'I' to select an EMM image to run [PR1000.sys]
'S' to set option for the serial BAUD rate [9600]
'ESC' to continue startup

Your choice:
[Selected config file is "*none*"]
[Invoking EMM image "PR1000.sys" from Onboard flash]

gEMM_SEEPROM.flash_size = 0x0080
[EMM image started (boot: is Onboard flash)]
[EMM MAC address: 00-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx]

Thanks in advance... Angler

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akto akto is offline
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I also have a Powerrail 1000 but have a corrupted image file, pr1000.sys
I have the manual if you would like some information,
can you provide the image file?

The default login is
<no password>

Hope that works if you have not already tried.
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