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Problem with static IP for pptp clients

Adam Wołk-Jankowski
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I have a big problem and i hope that someone can help me with this.
I have a pptp vpdn server on CISCO 3620 and pptp clients on Win XP and
behind 3Com routers.
All works fine but i have to do static IP pooling for clients. Now they get
an IP from pool and the address is not always the same.

There is no problem with Win XP - they can simply configure static IP for
vpn interface and that's ok.

With 3Com it isn't so easy. There is no way to configure static IP for vpn
interface. The only way is to get an IP form pptp server.
However I don't know how to static mappings: login -> IP on 3620.
I need this because I must add static routes on 3620 to networks behind 3Com

I try to use RIP on virtual-template interface but, as I thougth, it doesn't

3Com routers are all connected to ADSL lines provided by another ISP. There
is dynamic address assigments on ADSL so I don't know tunnel soures.

Could anybody help me?
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