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conceptual problem ....please help

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I have a question on EJB.

suppose I have a SessionBean and an EntityBean.
Now, SessionBean wants to call EntityBean.

I found you can call via EJB references.

like this inside sessionbean you can have

InitialContext namingContext = new InitialContext();
Object ref = namingContext.lookup("java:comp/env/ejb/myBean"); // this
JNDI is a reference

my question is , what BENEFIT i would get if i call via EJB
reference instead of global JNDI name ?

if you are getting confused , see this link

did you see , there is ejb reference name="ejb/TravelAgent"

and also

global websphere binding name


we can call a bean by using either of above.....but we prefer to make a
reference and use EJB reference ......WHY ? what extra benefit i
will get if i make a EJB reference and call by EJB reference ?

thank you

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