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SqlDataSource Parameterized Stored Procedure Problem!!

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I am currently trying to pass the SqlDataSource below a paramter set in
the code-behind (C#) My stored procedure takes one parameter @AID

<asp:SqlDataSource ID="ListEmpSource" Runat="server"

ConnectionString="Server=(local);Database=Test;Tru sted_Connection=yes"
SelectCommandType="StoredProcedure" >

<asparameter Name="AID" Direction="input" Type="string"
DefaultValue="username" />


Then in the codebehind I try to do this (one of many solutions I've

string strUserName = User.Identity.Name;

ListEmpSource.Selecting += new
SqlDataSourceSelectingEventHandler(ListEmpSource_S electing);

//Event Handler:
public void ListEmpSource_Selecting(object sender,
SqlDataSourceSelectingEventArgs e)
e.Command.Parameters["@AID"].Value = strUserName;

Thanks in advance...

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