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Is there an OO way to access all the profiles/membership info

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I have an e-newletter that I send out. I want to develop a myWSDesigns page
that includes a preference for whether someone is a subscriber or not. I've
actually developed the page successfully, using both the membership controls
and the Profile object with a Subscribe property. Everything seems to persist
the way it should.

So, now my question is, what do I do when it's time to send out the
newsletter? I can see how I could write a join of the aspnet_Membership table
and aspnet_Profile table to extract the email address from the former and the
Subscribe status from the latter, and then loop through a data reader based
on that. But I'm wondering if that's the best way to do that, or if there's
some more OO method based on the Membership and Personalization frameworks
that allows me to loop through some sort of Profiles collection (which
probably exists, but I can't seem to find) or a Members collection to extract
this data. You know, something like:

foreach (Member m in Members)
if (m.Profile.Subscribe)

Am I dreaming, or just missing something?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Warren Sirota
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