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cloud of AS's

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I want to balance the traffic but specifing AS's one by one will be
slow process.
Is there some shortcuts so that I can group togheter many AS's and then
be able to say :
if packet pass or go torught cloudX-AS then use peerX
if packet pass or go torught cloudY-AS then use peerY

this should include packets which final destination is all AS'e in the
cloud, but also
everything that passes trought them :"))
Yes I'm aware that they are interconnected and cannot be very
accurately specified, but if such collision occur then I think the
Order in which they are specified will be fine for resolving them.(100%
accuracy is not required, but 99.99% will be good :") )
At the moment I think some sort as-path-regex-map will be some
approximation to this (or! this is the what I need?). but I'm asking
here if someone has come to similar thoughts and probably solved them
in some way, or probably there is some ready solution to this.

Now comes the next question, do u graph (and if yes how?) per AS
traffic or cloud-of-AS traffic.

With mrtg/rrd + snmp and/or simple iptables it is fairly easy to graph
class-C or bigger continuous networks.
But AS are not very static in nature, plus i still cant find a easy way
to extract the networks which belongs to them. ('whois' can help abit
here, just havent figured out the pattern , sometimes there is missing
whois -i origin ASXXXX

Havent uset 'sflow' (or what was the technology), but can it help here

these are my thought...if i'm talking bullshits, pls feel free to pass

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