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Robbe Morris [C# MVP]
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We own a variety of components that work with Excel files
in a web environment (of course we can't use Excel
automation in a high traffic web environment). SpreadSheet Gear (great
Syncfusion, formula one, and various others.

However, none of them appear to have the capability of
discovering a chart in Excel and extracting it as a byte array
or offer a conversation between its discovered settings to
a chart control of their own.

My app needs to discover the chart and render it on the
web. It has no knowledge of the Excel cells used
to calculate it or any appearance attributes at design time.

Any help would be much appreciated.

On a side note, I sent an email to spreadsheet gear asking
this question. No later than 60 seconds after pressing
the send button in Outlook, I get a phone call from them
with an answer. Not only is their product really good
but the service is extraordinary.

Robbe Morris - 2004-2006 Microsoft MVP C#
I've mapped the database to .NET class properties and methods to
implement an multi-layered object oriented environment for your
data access layer. Thus, you should rarely ever have to type the words
SqlCommand, SqlDataAdapter, or SqlConnection again.

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