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Attachment based programming in .NET

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I am wanting some advice on getting started on an application that has
to take attachments. Basically, I have an application that
creates/pulls data from MS SQL Server. With this data, the user can add
attachments that are associated with it. I am wondering what is the
best (I know that's subjective, but opinions are what I am asking for)
route to take for accomplishing this task. Here are my thoughts:

1) In the database, have a column with links separated by a semicolon,
Pro - Small storage on the database
Con - If the file is moved/modified, the database had to be updated
at the same time. Also, processing time for going through the list of

2) In the database, just have a column that actually points to the
attachment itself, letting SQL Server load the attachment internally
(not sure if that's possible, but I know that Wiki's do it). Basically,
it would be like inserting the attachment into the database, and
letting SQL Server do it's thing.

Pro - Easy to code (hopefully)
Con - Not sure about the security... could load a malicious file...

Any thoughts would be great! Thanks all!

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