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Re: Modified RESX file

Laurent Bugnion
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Jon wrote:
> Hello all,
> We have a multi lingual application that works fine. However, I've changed
> one of the values in the resx file (there was a typo) but the page is still
> showing the old value. I've done an iisreset and a reboot but the new
> spelling is still not coming through. Why is this is? Does anyone know how I
> can get it to work?
> Thanks all,
> Jon

Sometimes it's difficult to get the IDE to detect changes in a RESX
file, and to include the new values in the DLL. This was especially true
in ASP.NET 1.1. Try modifying a code-behind file too before you
recompile everything (simply adding and deleting a space should be enough).

If that still doesn't help (and you're using 1.1), you might have an old
version of the DLL cached somewhere. Try deleting the VsWebCache folder.
Its location can be found in the Tools / options / projects / web

Laurent Bugnion, GalaSoft
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