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How should i go about creating a tabs that load different forms?
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Greeting, this is my firt post in this forum .. so be gently

I am developing a database application and i want some help on the
following scenario

user enters some data in a table and when this is performed additional
tabs are activated to allow the user to connect the entry to other
related tables

for instance i want him to enter data for a book (title,isbn....) and
then allow him to connect it to multiple authors from another tab,
retailers from another tab...

In my understanding each tab should represent a form and handle its own
data (while persisting the id of the new book). i dont think it should
be made with javascript, because that would mean to load all publishers
and all retailers and all authors... at the beginning (seems wrong).

so what would the best approach be ?


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Have you tried rebooting?

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