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Button does not Fire Code

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I have an ASP .NET (Visual Studio 2005) page which is dynamically built
using 3 repeaters. I have one button on the page which is used to
perform a search. The button does not always fire the code in the code
behind page. It appears that it will only work if there are no more
than 7 or 8 items in total for all the repeaters. If the items to
repeat exceed this, then when you click the button nothing happens. I
have added a breakpoint to the code behind the button and it does not
break, so the code is not being fired. I have a vlaidation control on
the search text box which works fine, so I guess that the page is not
being posted back to the server for some reason. This is very annoying
and I cant think of any logical reason why this would happen. Please

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