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I require a UK company / Individual to write me a config. - Willing to pay!

Bob Smith
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Hi all,

I have a main site and two remote sites.
These remote sites are connected to the main site using a VPN over ADSL.
I require ISDN backup links to each of the remote sites in case of ADSL or
ISP failure.
This means that I need to do object tracking on the routers.

I have tried many times to get this to work, but I am unsuccessful and its
becoming increasingly stressful.

If you have the skill, or are a company that can provide the skill in order
to write me a configuration that I may apply myself to the routers in order
to get this to work, please provide me a cost to write me this configuration
and your contact details. You can do that by replying to this post, OR, for
confidentiality please e-mail me at Removed)

Alternatively - can you recommend me a company that will be able to do
this? The only one I have been told off Comstor, but I don't have an account
with them. (contact details above).

To confirm, I have 1x 1721 and 1x 1841 at the main site, The 1721 is vpn'd
to the remote site 1721. The 1841 is vpn'd to the remote site 1841. Although
the 2 remote sites work at present, I am unable to tell whether the
configuration is any good or whether it was just bodged together, therefore
the configuration you should expect to be written from scratch. and ideally
as with most things, needs to be done ASAP.

Once you have confirmed you are interested I can then provide you in depth
details of exactly what is required.

Many thanks for reading this far,

Looking forward to getting this stressful issue resolved ASAP.


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Hi Bob,

In the U.K., you may wish to contact Aaron Harrison, CCIE No. 14431


Brad Reese

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