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Ghazan Haider
Posts: n/a
Is the ONLY difference between stub area and totally stub area in
OSPF, the exclusion of non-default-route type 3 LSAs in totally stub

In other words:

Does a stubby area require a single ABR? Does 2 ABRs disqualify an
area from being stubby? If so, then either OSPF's designers screwed up
by allowing inter-area routes (type 3) into the area, which is
useless, and a single defaultroute will do.. so cisco really fixed
that up by adding a totally stubby area, sortof like the cisco
framerelay encap type which is better than the standard...

or maybe OSPF's designers didnt want to add a default route where
there is none, so all routers in a stubby area should give 'route
unreachable' since the ABRs only send in inter-area routes, while
cisco makes do without this feature by using a default route even if
theres none, in a totally stubby area, just to cut down further on
LSAs... depending on routers outside that area to reply with a 'route

I'm just not sure why a stubby area is NOT a totally stubby area, and
why did cisco HAVE to add a totally stubby area and not ospf
themselves. These sybex books arent helping in that direction
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