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Re: Please advise on which MS Certification

Chris Mullins
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[Copied to the MCTS & MCPD Newsgroup, as that's really the appropiate forum]
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote
> Hi as most will know I have been benefiting from your vast experience
> for about a month or so now, and have decided to try to learn C#
> programming more academically and structured and study towards a
> qualification.
> I would like to know which qualification you think best suited please.
> I want a qualification that will
> (a) allow me to learn as much about c# and .net as possible.
> (b) be very advantageous in about 2-3 years time as a qualification in
> itself to prospective
> employers.

The current certification track is the best way to go.The older MCAD / MCSD
tracks are currently of value, but I if you're looking a few years out,
they'll be of signifigantly less value by then.

You would want to start off with an MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology
Specialist). There are 3 versions of this you'll want to look at:

Web (aka: ASP.Net)

Windows (aka: Windows Forms)

Distributed Applications (Web Services, COM+, etc)

This will get you a very well rounded and solid grounding in .Net.

Once these are done, you may opt for the next tier of certificiations, the
MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer).

The Professional Web Developer:

The Professional Windows Developer:

The Professional Enterprise Developer:

> Could you please tell me which exam you reccomend and which track.
> I had no prior programming experience (short of quickbasic about 10
> years ago when I was still at school) until about a month ago when I
> started learning C#.

Each of the links listed above lists study material. You've got alot of
homework to do though!

> (c) My last question. I am not very rich at the moment and so aim to
> learn what I can from books and the Internet instead of attending
> centres.

That's a great route to take. Myself and the majority of people I know went
this route.

> Also roughly how much do you think the certification exams
> will cost me if i'm self taught?

It's still not cheap. Books are in the $50 per book range. Online sample
exams, which I would strongly recommend (from both Measure Up and
Transcender) are in the $50-$100 per test range, although they do offer
packages to make things much cheaper. The tests themselves are in the $120
per test range.

Chris Mullins, MCSD.NET, MCPD:Enterprise

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