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Windows Vista

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Here is something that I wrote tonight that I'd like to share with
the class. This was from my Computer Forensics homework, laugh if you
want, but the point is this will be your reality in twenty-four hours if
your business is "gung-ho" about implementing Vista in a large push.
Rarely do I ever speak negatively about Microsoft, but this time, I feel
if it truly has crossed a line. I have files on disks that I want that
were created using Microsoft and I can't see them. Vista has ****ed me
The question was from a Thompson book and is a part of the CSSIA
courseware. "A new version of Windows has been released. What do you
to do to be ready in 6 to 10 months when cases involving the new
system begin happening? Include research, user groups, and others you
to contact. Write a one-page paper on this procedure."
And here it is.

Lasher, MCP, MCDST

Computer Forensics

Case Project 3-3

Honorably so, Microsoft will launch Microsoft Windows Vista in
twenty-four hours. A new system that is a mix of bugs, lack of support
3rd party products from both the manufacture and Microsoft, and security
exploits that would make the average user cringe in fear. At a worse
and to complete the black hole that is Microsoft, simple data transfers
from a CD-R are not supported for some odd reason. Twenty-four hours,
day. These are our present problems.
If one were to actually attempt to scale these feats of spiting
Microsoft's support as a Beta tester, would be the only feasible way
someone could actually attempt a 6 to 10 month venture into studying an
almost completely broke product. Case problems would be existent even
the day of launch if someone were so enthusiastic to support Microsoft,
it would depend on the company. For my scenario, I will illustrate a
where a MCDST would actually experience "end-user", a user who is
requesting assistance, problems.
Microsoft may or may not push another pre-mature patch within the
next twenty-four hours. The results would be tragic. For an end-user,
their range of product knowledge can vary and they can be rather
unpredictable. This is even illustrated in class. There are ranges of
students who know more than others and it is a chaos factor. If a group
was not properly assembled from Beta Testing to answer questions on all
levels, then there would be a huge problem with the aforementioned
problems, including Tech Support itself. Research groups who studied
products would be the Beta Testers themselves. And the user group as
In my professional opinion as a Microsoft Certified Professional, a
Microsoft Beta Tester, and as a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support
Technician, Microsoft may just flop on this one. The "group" would know
that and it would be chaos.
At this point, all they could do is get on their knees and pray.
Pray to God himself that he did spare them the wrath of the "end-user"
getting their way, or their bosses and Office 2007 not working or
correctly simply causing a loss in job. The humor on the UseNet would
probably be quite entertaining.
This new release, which happens to now be less than 24 hours from
launch, is a threat to the public. End-Users, if not equipped with
Virus protection that is valid for Microsoft Windows Vista and proper
configuration knowledge, would be at risk. Windows Vista adapts to your
needs and wants as far as Administrator rights, but if a company were to
also implement a computer usage policy, which is a feature that is much
more controllable added to this version of Windows, I would see no point
it to just be a "case of the Mondays".
I would not encourage a company to be gung-ho about Microsoft
Vista just yet because it is not ready. I think that any good Tech
Agent and purchasers of Software truly know that. At least I still have
faith in some people.


Have fun.
MCNGP #50 > all
MCNGP: Leading the world to better training, better computer skills,
and taking out the lowdes of the world with fervor beyond anyone's
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