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Re: A little lost...

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=?Utf-8?B?UGF1bCBM?= <Paul Removed)> wrote in
news:(E-Mail Removed):

> Hello everyone,
> Just to introduce myself. I am a Network Technician currently.
> I obtain an AS in ICT and didn't like the environment and so forth so
> decided to not continue with the second year or pursue with Uni. I
> then managed to get a job where I am now. I have now seen that I am
> happy in what I am doing, and truthfully enjoy myself; unlike when I
> was at College. Throughout my life I have always been on top of the
> latest technology, building stand-alone machines, then worked up the
> ladder and worked my way onto W2K3, AD, GPO's, RIS, Ghost and so on.
> So my decision from here on in is to pursue with what I enjoy and
> begin to get some form of recognised qualifications in the industry.
> Just so when I decide to move on from my current position I won't find
> it as difficult to get another position.
> With this brings me here, an MCSE. I have searched endlessly round the
> Microsoft Learning pages but haven’t found any answer to my
> question. Below I post my un-answered question and maybe someone will
> be able to share their experience and fulfil the answer.
> One of the reasons behind my lack of faith in the College/Uni
> experience is the fact that the majority of the time it's a written
> exam. Personally, I am a very independent, hands-on character. This
> therefore I wonder what the scenario of MCSE examinations are... I see
> 'simulations' are used, that's perfect; but not enough information on
> the particular exams in question. Which are the 6 core examinations
> required for the MCSE.
> Regards,
> Paul L
> Network Technician

I read that twice (yes, I'm bored) and I still don't see a question.
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