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PAM and port-mapping

elmar bschorer
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hi list,

i have read about PAM. My book says, that PAM is used for
port-to-application mapping.
eg. remote ---> 22:router:100 ---> host:100

o.k.! there are only listed the following services:
ENIGMA(config)#ip port-map ?
cuseeme CUSeeMe Protocol
dns Domain Name Server
exec Remote Process Execution
finger Finger
ftp File Transfer Protocol
gopher Gopher
gtpv0 GPRS Tunneling Protocol Version 0
gtpv1 GPRS Tunneling Protocol Version 1
h323 H.323 Protocol (e.g, MS NetMeeting, Intel Video Phone)
http Hypertext Transfer Protocol
https Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol
imap Internet Message Access Protocol
kerberos Kerberos
ldap Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
login Remote login
lotusnote Lotus Note
mgcp Media Gateway Control Protocol
ms-sql Microsoft SQL
msrpc Microsoft Remote Procedure Call
netshow Microsoft NetShow
nfs Network File System
nntp Network News Transfer Protocol
pop2 Post Office Protocol - Version 2
pop3 Post Office Protocol - Version 3
realmedia RealNetwork's Realmedia Protocol
rtsp Real Time Streaming Protocol
sap SAP
shell Remote command
sip Session Initiation Protocol
skinny Skinny Client Control Protocol
smtp Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
snmp Simple Network Management Protocol
sql-net SQL-NET
streamworks StreamWorks Protocol
sunrpc SUN Remote Procedure Call
sybase-sql Sybase SQL
tacacs Login Host Protocol (TACACS)
telnet Telnet
tftp Trivial File Transfer Protocol
vdolive VDOLive Protocol

what about the other ca. 60000 Ports? i assume that PAM is the wrong tool
for PAT, isn`t it? If so, why does PAM exist? what is the advantage of
using PAM?
questions over questions

tia for your help


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Phillip Remaker
Posts: n/a
> what about the other ca. 60000 Ports? i assume that PAM is the wrong tool
> for PAT, isn`t it? If so, why does PAM exist? what is the advantage of
> using PAM?

PAM is complementary to PAT. PAT will do assorted "fixup" hacks to all of
the protocols that you listed above. This fixupo is needed when doing a
many-to-one translation since each of those protocol embed the IP address or
port information inside the packet or behave in some other PAT unfriendly

The "cue" to activate the fixup is the port number.

If you run a service needing fixup on a port ofther than its well known
port, the PAT fixup hacks are not activated.

PAM tells the router that you are running a PAT unfriendly service on a
nonstandard port. Hance, only protocols for which the device does fixup are

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