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Connectivity only after local authentication, not at logon

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Been searching for an answer to this and can't seem to find the problem. I
have a network of around 350 users, mostly copper with fiber interconnects
between buildings. In various buildings and locations I have some WAP's
stationed for mobile users. Currently the network is dual platform, Novell
and Windows...1 domain and 1 tree, 2 subnets, internal catalyst switch with
routing module in the datacenter for the vlans. All running AD, DHCP and

The mobile users use a variety of Dell Latitude laptops, the newer ones with
built in Wi-Fi. The WAP's run 802.11g and are Netgear with the MIMO
technology for 108mbs speeds. My problem is that some of the laptops are not
getting connectivity at the logon prompt, and therefore are not able to
authenticate without logging in locally first, then the wireless is enabled
and then they can run the Novell client32. I removed the Novell client for
testing and they are unable to find the domain. However, once logged in
locally and attaching to the wap's, I can logout and then see the domain
controller and authenticate successfully and the logon scripts run, etc.

I have tried various idea's to work through this to no avail. I can't figure
out why some would work and some will not. The laptops with the Netgear
NIC's seem to all have this problem, and a few others with Intel NIC's show
the same symptoms. Others work fine right out of the box. The Netgear NIC's
are all cardbus designs by the way.

I am starting to think the issue is NIC related and not software/OS related.

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I am using the vendor supplied app. I just downloaded the newest driver and
software and now it's doing as intended. I guess it was in the nic and the
app. Thanks anyways.

"Pavel A." <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> What kind of software you use for wi-fi connectivity - WZC or other?

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