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Re: Want Wiresless To Go Secure!

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"Dreanmachine" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi,
> I am a bit confused and need some help. I have three PCs in my home that
> are successfully networked. The primary PC has the DSL modem and a
> Linksys
> wireless router hooked up (connected by Ethernet cable). The other two
> PCs
> are communicating wirelessly at other places in the home. All is working
> great. However, it has been recommended that I secure my wireless network
> with a WPA or WEP encryption key. Right now it is just unsecured. I am
> not
> sure what to do to get this accomplished. Can someone give me
> instructions
> of how to link all the hardware/software to go secure, and what happens if
> I
> ithen ntroduce a laptop (wireless) into the home? How do I get it
> configured
> to use my secured wireless network? Thanks in advance.

You first enable WPA in the router as explained in the fine manual
Then you enable WPA on each wireless station using the Wireless Network
Setup Wizard
You then take each laptop up to the desktop, get on to the router from the
desktop, and get the router to display the key.
You enter this key to each of your wireless computer. It may take several
tries (at least it did for me) to get the key correct.
Then, you just start the network on each of the wireless computers.

With considerable care, you should get each wireless computer working in
about 5 minutes.


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