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OSPF Question.

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Hola a todos.

SO a have this question about OSPF.

OK I Understand when a ASBR redistributes routes from other routing
protocol they will be flooded as LSAs type 7 in the nssa and this LSAs
will be translated to type 5 and flooded trough all other normal areas,
and they will be in the routing table of this areas as E2 and in the
ASB as N2.

But what happens when a ABR/ASBR redistributes routes from other
routing protocol in a NSSA Area, I was reading that the LSAs propagated
by default will be NS1 (almost the same as OIA E1), I thought that the
default LSAs will be this king (N2), but when no redistribution is
passed and the option default-information originate command in the area
XX nssa default-information originate no-summary (creating a thing
similar to a totally sttuby not so stuby area) to the NSSA the only
LSAs that will be permitted is a LSAs type 3 as a default route and
will be marked as N2

Is that correct?, Does any one have a more simple approach for this?


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