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usb problem

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I am using XP Pro with SP2 service pack. I have in my device manager "enhanced host controler" I understand I have USB 2.
When I plug a device into any usb sockets I get the following popup message

"This device can work faster if you plug it into a usb 2.0 hub. Click here for a list of available hubs"

Any help please! Thank you
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unholy unholy is offline
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Make sure the ports your using are USB 2.0 Compliant (the USB 1.1 ones use cheaper wire)

Also if your using the front ports, try the ones on the back of the computer.

This is however only going to work IF you have USB 2.0 Hub onboard your motherboard/PCI card
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I would also do a Windows Update to see if newer drivers are available for your USB adapter(s). The warning means it is defaulting to USB 1.1 speed.
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