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Two 2950 in trunk sharing 1 common vlan

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trying to apply with best effort (and much reading..) a configuration containing only 2 Cisco 2950-24 switches. The complete picture is to actually use it in a live/standby setup where 2 source_servers will have a first NIC on the data_source vlans (switchA-vlan2/switchB-vlan3) and another second NIC to isolated client network (vlan 4 on both switch A and switch B)

with some research on the net i came up to this point:

switch A --> port 1-3 in VLAN2 (source_serverA) + port 4 - 24 in VLAN4(source_server A and clients)
switch B --> port 1-3 in VLAN3 (source_serverB) + port 4 - 24 in VLAN 4 (source_server B and clients).

configuring the interfaces into separate VLAN is OK. But then i must be able to setup a trunk (with interfaces 23 + 24 in a channel group). Commands to configure the channel and than the trunks are quiet understandable, but still other questions raise in my newbie mind.

- Do i need to setup native vlan on the port-channel ( int 23+24) as vlan 4 so that all devices on ports 4-24 of both switches A and B will be able to communicate ? (because 2950 only support 802.1q trunks)
I've read that i can add/remove any VLANs with the "switchport trunk allowed vlan" but i'm affraid that due to 802.1q vlan tagging that devices on both switches in vlan4 won't communicate....
Also i read it's better to create a dummy vlan for the trunk, but i'm affraid that this vlan won't communicate with my VLAN4 on both sides.
- should i turn on "switchport nonegotiate" on both int 23 and 24 ?
- Do i need to explicitly turn of PAgP.. but how ? ( channel mode ON ?)
- how would i be able to manage both switches from a server connected to vlan 4... where should i assign Ip addresses ?

I've started to set things up in the lab but i'm affraid that i'm mixing things up through several readings on the internet/books.

I know the above setup may sound strange, but i must be able to separate the source-side (provider) from the client side (customer) with just 2 Cisco 2950 in separate buildings over a trunk+channel.

Would be grateful for ANY tips/answers !

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