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Firefox not working wth forms - Redux!

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I wanted to follow up on my problem with Firefox now working with forms.

My original post:
I've got strange FF behavior that I can't diagnose. On my solid Win2K system, FF works
great except:

1) When reading Yahoo mail, none of the buttons (Deleted, Spam, etc) work
2) I cannot submit anything to a form, no matter how simple the form

When I try to do either of the above, even as simple as clicking a "submit" button in a
form, all I get is the little spiraling load animation in the upper-right hand corner
and the page does not change, ever.
Correction: "I cannot submit anything to MOST forms. No Yahoo form buttons work".

I found this page:

that details a Firefox form button difficulty. According to the author, on SOME (not
all) Firefox browsers, when form buttons are wrapped in <label> tags, the form will not
work. He's got a great demo page here:
that works in IE, but does not work in my Firefox browser.

I also found this reference:

and this:

To my best recollection, I did not have this problem with Firefox I am now
running Firefox


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