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is SDRAM (pc-133,and Pc-100) works togather??

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hi friends,
i have P-3 866m with asus P3V4X board
this board has 4 SDRAM slots, good to expansion ram moduls
it support both pc-100 as well PC-133 fsb
3 out of 4 slots i have pc-133 , its 256X2 (pc-133), 128X1(pc-133)
rest 1 slot i put 128X1 (100 fsb)
now board ditect all the ram module 512+128+128

my question is that is there any differnce/conflict in performance??
PC works gratee......................

with both type of module how would i know which FSB computer is running
133 or 100 ??
My attampt is trying to get faster performance onlyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i thanks in advance to you experts !!!!!!!!!1

Neel- toronto
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