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xp security permission problem

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from the start:

i have a laptop and it was sent off for repairs. i took out the hard drive before sending it off as i told them i need the files for work. so, i then connected it to an external drive holder which was acessible via my desktop pc. when trying to access my files in document and settings, it says access denied, i then click the security tab of the whole user (called ktp) folder and replaced ownership and replaced everything. from this time onwards, i could view everyhthing in this users folder. there was no problems untill i got my repaired laptop back from the engineer.

i then placed the hard drive back in to my laptop and started the computer, it worked fine. i logged in xp using my required username and password but it never loaded my original desktop and settings, it just seemed like it created a new user account and never used my original account.

i checked the user account folder in documents and settings and it displayed the original user which was 'ktp' user and also a new folder which was named exactly as the original (ktp) but had a hyphon and the name of the actual computer, so it displayed this (ktp-sneccie).

i know i changed ownership to view the files on my desktop temporary but how do i change it so that i can use my original ktp documents and desktop, i.e my old desktop wall paper, icons, documents/files?

thanks in advance and appreciate any help given and sorry for the long story.


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did you try copying and pasting the user folder from your first user to your second user?
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