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Formating hard drive question

doonboggle doonboggle is offline
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I have a machine that has no floppy drive; only cd and the new little 'thingies' that I never use. Therefore I can't use my MS-DOS floppy disks I have held on to for years. I also have my W95 and W98 cds.

I want to re-format my hard drive ; but in using the stand-alone XP or 2000 disks I have, after formating it automatically installs the windows programs.

I don't want it to install this version as I have the manufacturers recovery disks, and want to install it after a totally wiping out of the hard drive C particion. It has a damaged recovery version there that I cant' get into ... so I want to start off with a totally clean hard drive.

How can I do this ... without losing my cd boot ability of course.

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you can download the bootdisk file for xp in a cd format.
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Another option is recovery console, it is accesable via the install disk in boot, and then one of the first pages before the install (at the install like screen)

It acts like DOS with simalair commands.
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You could also get a USB floppy drive, but first make sure you can boot from it by getting into the BIOS to list removeable drives above the hard drive in boot priority. Test it by trying to boot from the floppy USB drive before you even start formatting the hard driive.
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