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serial port reading

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I have a serial mouse just to provide data being sent to the port, and I just want to read the data from it. Here is the code I have so far,

System::IO:orts::SerialPort^ port = gcnew System::IO:orts::SerialPort();

array<String^>^ names = port->GetPortNames();
port->Handshake::set(System::IO:orts::Handshake::None );
port->StopBits::set(System::IO:orts::StopBits::One) ;

//port->Write("Some Text");
array<unsigned char,1>^ buf = gcnew array<unsigned char,1>(10);

//String^ line = port->ReadLine();
int read = port->Read(buf,0,10);

I opened up COM1 in hyperterminal, and it seems to get data ok. This piece of code however, hangs on the port->Read.

I'm not sure what i'm missing, and i'm hoping someone here has a bit more experience than me.

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