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Wireless Zero Configuration service & delays/dropouts

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I have noticed that Wireless Zero Configuration does something every minute
that results in a delay in packets being sent. This is easily seen by
setting a "ping -t (gateway address)" and evey 60-62 seconds the ping takes
1-2 seconds instead of 2-3ms response.

Where this becomes a problem is running VOIP calls via my PC - that 1-2s of
delay interupts the voice traffic and a few words get lost. Because it
happens every minute it is very annoying.

According to this
is a known WZC problem. However the fix in that link (disable WZC and use
3rd party mgt tools) doesn't work properly for some of my software tools
which seem only to work with WZC.

Does anyone know of a registry change that could set the time of the
per-minute check out to some other larger value, which would at least reduce
(but not eliminate) my problems?

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