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Indexing a Configuration Specification

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Greetings --

I have a group of transactor architectures (a two-dimensional array,
actually) that all use the same interface. In an attempt to write
compact code, I would like to have a single entity, a single component
declaration for the entity, a single component instantiation in the
testbench, and then use the indices of 2 nested generate loops to
select which of the architectures is activated.

The code sample below compiles without error, but when it is elaborated
ModelSim looks for 128 copies of the architecture "XACTOR_ARCH", when
what I wanted it to look for was an architecture name such as
"analyze_2_6", etc.

I also tried putting the expression for the architecture name directly
in the configuration specification, but since the architecture name is
a simple identifier I can't put an expression there.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? If I have to have 128
different entities/component declarations/component instantiations,
it's easy enough to do that, but I was hoping to find a more elegant

Thanks for your help!

Jeff Travis

---------------------------------- CODE SAMPLE

-- These nested generate
loops specify the binding
-- of the subfunction
transactor component instan-
-- tiation to
different architectures of the ent-
-- tity
subfunc_xactor_fsm, depending on the func-
-- tion and
subfunction indices:
PMC_Func_Xactors: for i in 15 downto 0 generate

PMC_SubFunc_Xactors: for j in 7 downto 0 generate

constant XACTOR_ARCH : string (11 downto 1)
:= "analyze_" & xactor_index_to_str (i) & "_" &
xactor_index_to_str (j);

for SubFunc_Xactor_inst: subfunc_xactor_fsm

use entity lro_pse_tst.subfunc_xactor_fsm (XACTOR_ARCH);


SubFunc_Xactor_inst: subfunc_xactor_fsm

port map (

RST_n => RST_n,


end generate;

end generate;

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