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sla and sra shifts

ohaqqi ohaqqi is offline
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A <= A sla to_integer(signed(B)) when (CODE = "10010");

gives errors:

** Error: alu16.vhd(73): No feasible entries for infix operator "sla".
** Error: alu16.vhd(73): Type error resolving infix expression "sla".

I have included 1164 and numeric_std libraries. Is this not the correct format for sla?
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joris joris is offline
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I came across the same problem. The reason is, the shift operators are only defined on bitvectors.

It isn't very hard to get around this though, as VHDL allows to overload functions - and operators can be seen as function calls.
To define a "sll" for std_logic_vector:
  function "sll"(val : std_logic_vector; shift : integer) return std_logic_vector is
    variable ret : std_logic_vector(val'range) := val;
    if (shift /= 0) then
      for i in 1 to shift loop
        ret := ret(val'high - 1 downto val'low) & '0';
      end loop;
    end if;
    return ret;
That one assumes the most significant bit is at the high index. Perhaps it isn't the prettiest way of doing this but it works;

Then to have a "sll" shift, depending on a variable: (yes this is silly but it's really needed! It's recognised as an idiom, at least by Xilinx)
  function "sll"(val, shift : std_logic_vector) return std_logic_vector is
    variable sel : std_logic_vector(4 downto 0) := shift(4 downto 0);
    case sel is
      when "00000" => return (val sll 0);
      when "00001" => return (val sll 1);
      when "00010" => return (val sll 2);
      -- etc   
      when others  => return (val sll 31); -- "11111"
    end case;
Let me know if there's a better way of doing that.

One page, seems to suggest the expected functionality of sla is really to shift the left-most (least significant bit) like sra does with most significant bit. I don't really see why one would want that but it's trivial to adapt the code for such sla operator.
(I can't post the URL as a new member, the forum seems to forbid to avoid spammers)
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