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Verify PuTTy Key fingerprint using the PIX finesse
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Hi All,
An SSH Fingerprint changed on one of my remote Pixen last night. When I
attempted to connect to it using Putty, I was given a warning that the
cached credentials did not match.
I'm pretty sure I neglected to 'ca save all' and it just happened to
reboot, but I wanted to be sure, so I tried to find the fingerprint for
ssh in the PIX that matches PuTTy's key prompt.... An hour or two
later and I'm damned if I can find it!
'sh checksum' isn't it
'sh ca mypubkey rsa' would SEEM correct, but doesn't match. It is
apparently 'DER/BER encoded PKCS#1' according to Cisco. Does this need
to be unencoded to match or is it something else?
Any answers, pointers or otherwise much appreciated.


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